Get Metal Parts for Your Next Project

Get Metal Parts for Your Next Project

Ask about our plasma cutting services in Billings, MT

Plasma cutting requires specialized equipment and training. Big Sky Steel has the experience needed to tackle your project in Billings, Montana. By using the Arc Max 6X12 CNC Plasma Table, we can cut metal into different shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Whether you need tools for your production project or a metal sign for your business, our team is here to help.

We use CAD and CAM software for our plasma cutting services. Our equipment has etching and auto-tracing capabilities. No matter what project you're working on, we can achieve the results you want.

Trust a professional to craft your custom metal parts. Contact us today for more information about our plasma cutting services.

Which materials can we work with?

Big Sky Steel has experience working with various types of metal. We recycle a variety of materials and sell steel throughout the area. You can depend on us to craft your metal parts safely.

Need a specific tool for your business? Ask about our plasma cutting services today by calling 406-272-8101.